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Why should you care?

Act your age.
- Brian Stelter, last night

  • 60 per cent of cellphones in Canada are smartphones
  • Smartphone owners are on average younger,
  • smarter,
  • and better-looking than dumb-phone owners

Only one-quarter of CUP members have mobile websites.
(Usage stats from ComScore MobiLens September 2012 data)

And people use their phones. A lot

39 per cent of people admit 
to using their smartphones
while going to the bathroom.

- TechCrunch


Started 18 months ago
38 per cent of sales are from mobile
56 per cent of Christmas Day sales were from mobile

Also for the articles.

Readability's data shows that users are even more engaged in reading on their mobile devices than on desktop – and, surprisingly, on the iPad.
- Content Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGrane

And newspapers, too

In November, 37 percent of all visits to the Times ... came from phones or tablets. That’s up from 28 percent in 2011 and 20 percent in 2010.
                - Fiona Spruill, New York Times's editor of emerging platforms

When big news happens

The Globe News app broke traffic records on the night of the U.S. election – and then again the next day


Build, test, repeat

  1. Know your reader
  2. Know your goals
  3. Build something, see if it works
  4. Profit

Who's your audience?

Learn how to use Google Analytics, or similar software

Do one thing well

(Rather than lots of things not-so-well)
                Reeder             Weather Dial      Twitteriffic 5

Iterate, iterate, iterate

Always test on the real thing

Or, if you can't, fake it

Paper prototypes of The Globe's Android app

So: what matters in good mobile design?





Simple navigation


If you need instructions to use your app, you lose.

What doesn't matter?

Spending hours building that super-awesome flashy interactive graphic that isn't readable by 30-40 per cent of the people who come to your site

Resist the urge to take your newspaper and stick it on the Internet.

Permission to start over

When you consider the amount of useless navigation, content fluff, and irrelevant promotions that litter a typical web experience, you realize why the mobile diet can be good for both business and customers.
- Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

Compare, for instance


Focus on design

If you design for mobile first, you can create agreement on what matters up front.
- Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski


(Responsive design)


(Responsive design)

The Verge

(separate URLs)

Content, content, content

Delivering content on mobile isn't an afterthought. It's a necessity. It isn't a luxury. It's a requirement.
- Content Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGrane

Your opportunity

Some light reading

Subcompact Publishing - The treatise on mobile publishing
Why I Learned to Make Things - The case for shutting up and getting shit done
Mobile First - NYT mobile editor on, you know, the future
Uncle Sam Wants You (to optimize your content for mobile) - excerpt from book
The Demographics of Mobile News - PEW research on the mobile landscape
Review of Twitterific 5 - Shawn Blanc on one of the best apps of 2012
Look Beyond News for Mobile Innovation - What the title saysMobile First and The Future of Media - A look at how design is changing
The Rise and #fail of The Guardian's Facebook App - great piece on product dev
An Inside Look at How the Omni Group Builds Apps
Mobile First - Great book on mobile design
Content Strategy for Mobile - Why you should care, and how to make it work
Also, Learn to code

The end.

Matt Frehner | @mattfrehner | Some reading